Black Mold In Home

Black Mold In Home

What happens if you are living in a home with black mold?

Black mold isn’t just unsightly or foul smelling. Black mold damages the surfaces upon which it feeds and grows, reducing the structural integrity of a home. But black mold doesn’t stop causing problems there. If black mold gets into your own body’s system, it can cause extremely adverse health effects. By allowing black mold to stay and grow, you’re putting yourself, your children, and even your pets in danger. A house with mold is a dangerous and ill-suited for proper living conditions.

The chemicals black mold releases as a byproduct of its respiration and digestion are known toxins, sometimes referred to as mycotoxins. When black mold is colonizing your home, it naturally releases spores as part of its reproduction cycle. Microscopic, they drift through the air much like the cold virus; an unseen threat. These spores can be easily breathed in where they wreck havoc on your respiratory system as a foreign object; but as your lungs supply oxygen into your blood, the toxins from the black mold go with to the rest of your body.

Symptoms of Toxic Black Mold Syndrome

Symptoms of Toxic Black Mold Syndrome

Affects Of Harmful Mold In Homes

When your body is exposed to the toxin, it begins creating illness. Headaches, difficulty concentrating, poor memory, shortness of breath, sinus inflammation, muscle stiffness, joint pains, feelings on the skin like crawling bugs, abdominal pain, are some of the many symptoms of having contracted the Toxic Mold Syndrome. Remember, this may not just happen to you; children, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems are especially susceptible to becoming sick.

Mold Removal

This isn’t a mysterious disease; many clients come to Dry Ease Mold Removal saying their doctors have confirmed that their poisoning is due to mold. The obvious solution is to decontaminate the home. But a simple surface wipe isn’t necessarily going to clean your home of black mold. Mold has the ability to stretch “roots” far into material, meaning one mold spot could simply be an indicator of a larger colony hidden away. Mold also loves the minerals and dark, damp, quiet space behind walls that sheetrock and gypsum board provide. You may feel your home is dry, but mold can thrive off moisture we cannot superficially detect. It is imperative that you remediate with a professional mold cleanup company such as Dry Ease Mold Removal. We have the experience and extensive knowledge to clean mold from your home and prevent future infestations.

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