Causes of Water Damage in New York

There are a number of causes for flooding and water damage. Whether it be infrastructure issues, such as plumbing, poor roofing, or anything along those lines. There are many ways a flood can happen. A pipe can burst , or a major rainstorm and poorly sealed basement. It may be as simple as an air conditioner condensation pan,a frozen pipe, sink overflow,or malfunctioning appliance.


Regardless of the source, it is up to the individual property owners to take “reasonable” and prudent steps to preserve, protect and secure their property from further damage. If materials are completely dried up within 24 to 48 hours, mold damage will be minimal. However, if the materials are wet repeatedly or for longer than 48 hours, it is likely that mold will be present. The longer periods of time that the materials are wet, the more likely you are to find mold such as Stachybotrys. Stachybotrys is commonly referred to as black mold’.Keeping that in mind, calling a Water Damage Technician out as soon as possible will help from furthering the problem and avoiding mold growth and other related repairs. Drywall,carpeting, flooring, and more can be effected when water damage occurs.



The problems that aren’t necessarily visible or small things that you would least expect can cause the most damage. Make sure your always prepared for that rainstorm or bad plumbing. Don’t hesitate to call a technician to check out the issue. You never know how much money you can save fixing the problem before it has that potential to become worse.

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